The 10 Best Broiler Pan in 2023 (Buying Guide)

The Best Broiler Pan: When it comes to healthy eating, most people prefer cooking their meals. It is because they won’t want food to let off its nutrition. They want to be sure whether they are eating healthy food or not.

For that, they cook various nutritious food following different cooking methods. Some try frying using less oil, some go with air frying, and some choose to broil.

Among all these cooking techniques, broiling is considerably heart-healthy and diet-friendly. Thus, this cooking method has gained worldwide popularity.

Although it is quite famous, some cooks fail to follow it. Because while broiling food, they choose traditional pans instead of going with the best broiler pan, resulting in uneven cooking.

But it isn’t entirely their fault; some cooks, especially beginners, can’t choose the right broiler pan from the dozens of options on the market.

Fortunately, we have done the homework for those home chefs and listed some of the top ten broiler pans. All of these pans can distribute heat evenly and separate fats from food while broiling.

Not only that, but they are also easier to clean. In short, they come with lots of promising features. If it sounds well to you, you may read the article thoroughly.

Best Broiler Pan

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Broiler Pan

1. Farberware 57026 Bakeware Nonstick Steel RoasterCheck Details!
2. Range Kleen BP106X 2 PC Porcelain Broil PanCheck Details!
3. Whirlpool 4396923 Porcelain Broiler PanCheck Details!
4. Range Kleen Broiler Pans for OvensCheck Details!
5. General Electric WB48X10056 Broiler PanCheck Details!
6. Norpro 273 Broil Pan Set 12 inchesCheck Details!
7. G & S Metal Products HG57 Toaster Oven Bake SetCheck Details!
8. Wilton Non-stick Broiler Pan SetCheck Details!
9. Nordic Ware Nonstick Broiler Pan SetCheck Details!
10. Frigidaire 5304442087 Broiler PanCheck Details!

1. Farberware 57026 Bakeware Nonstick Steel Roaster

Best Broiler Pan

Farberware brings convenience and adds value to America’s busy kitchen by providing high-quality kitchenware. This brand is committed to making cooking easier by manufacturing kitchen equipment like the Farberware 57026 Bakeware Nonstick Steel Roaster. It is a new generation broiler pan that can help you stay one step ahead in the kitchen with quality. Let’s get straight into its features.

The Farberware broiler pan is made from heavy-duty stainless steel. It resists warping and guarantees that this pan will last for years of roasting performance. The broiler pan is 11-inch x 15-inch deep and features nonstick both inside and outside. As a result, it delivers easy food release with the quick, hassle-free cleanup. This roaster pan features dual-riveted handles that are also made of stainless steel.

These carry handles allow you to remove the pan from the oven easily. The Farberware roaster comes with a removable rack, which is chrome plated. The rack raises meats or fish up and allows fats to go away from food. Like the broiler pan, the roaster rack contains handles that aid in removing roasts.

Lastly, along with the rack, the broiler pan is oven safe to 450 degrees. Thus, you can broil nearly everything that you want. Overall, based on its features, many chefs have found it suitable for grilling and roasting foods, and you may also try it out to know whether it is capable of broiling food or not.

Key Features

Stainless steel body
Deep broiler pan
Roasting rack
Nonstick properties
Oven safe to 450 degrees

2. Range Kleen BP106X 2 PC Porcelain Broil Pan

Best Broiler Pan

The Range Kleen BP106X 2 PC Porcelain Broil and Bake Pan can facilitate broiling meat at your comfort. With the help of this broiler pan set, you can make the perfect meals every time. The broiler set comes with a 2-piece utensil; one is for broiling and another piece you can use for baking.

Both come in compact sizes, and they have equal dimensions, which is 12.75″ by 8.5″ by 1.325″ inches. That means they feature appropriate cooking areas for meat, fish, and veggies. The key feature of these pans is they are made out of heavy-duty steel that is porcelain coated. It delivers the non-stickiness that you need for even broiling and baking.

You will notice this porcelain coating on the steel grill and in the base. It is safe for use, has OEM quality, and can tolerate heat up to 1025 degrees. Another notable feature of the Range Kleen Broiler set is that its grate of the grill enables fat to drip and drain away from meats. The broiler set is dishwasher safe, which means cleaning becomes a breeze. You can easily clean and maintain these kitchen tools. In summary, the Range Kleen BP106X 2 PC broiler set is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Key Features

One broiler pan
One baking pan
Porcelain-coated steel
Heat tolerance up to 1025 degrees
Dishwasher safe

3. Whirlpool 4396923 Porcelain Broiler Pan


The Whirlpool 4396923 Porcelain Broiler Pan is designed for broiling raw meat, fish, and vegetables perfectly. It contains three pieces of kitchen equipment. One is the broiler pan, and another is the roasting rack, and the other is the metal grid. These are well equipped for broiling function.

All of these kitchen appliances are made out of high-quality materials to ensure excellent durability. Besides durable materials, these feature a porcelain finish that results in even cooking every time. Also, this nonstick coating allows for easy food release and cleaning. The Whirlpool broiler set’s most significant feature is that its pan and the roasting rack hold food above the grid.

As a result, air can circulate surfaces while cooking. Apart from that, the pan features vents, which allow fat to drain away easily. This feature also aids in preventing splatter and smoke during broiling. In a nutshell, it is a pretty convenient broiler set that you may use for broiling your favorite dishes.

Key Features

Metal grid
Roasting rack
Porcelain coating
Vent-type holes
Dishwasher safe

4. Range Kleen Broiler Pans for Ovens

Range Kleen

The Range BP102X 2 Pc Broiler Pan with Rack is a high-rated kitchen utensil. Many consumers have praised this broiler set for its excellent features, even some have considered it as the best broiler pan available in the market today.

The broiler set contains one broiler pan and one broiler rack. Both are made from heavy-duty stainless steel that assures optimum longevity of these pans. Along with rugged structure, these pans have nonstick porcelain layers that do not contain toxic materials. That means it paves the way for healthy broiling various delicious dishes.

Apart from that, the stainless steel, along with coating, guarantees easy-food release and cleaning. Also, it ensures even heat distribution. These pans can hold the heat for an extended period. When the broiler pan lets you cook raw meat and fish, the rack will help you with fat dripping. It holds food above, and it allows grease drain away. In conclusion, it can be a perfect addition to campers or small families.

Key Features

Stainless steel structure
16 x 12.5 x 1.6 inch dimension
Porcelain coating
One broiler pan
One broiler rack

5. General Electric WB48X10056 Broiler Pan

Best Broiler Pan

The General Electric WB48X10056 is a top-quality broiler pan. It offers superior quality features that will help you get your cooking job done conveniently. It consists of industrial-grade steel that assures maximum durability. Its exterior comes with a porcelain nonstick coating.

This combination of steel and porcelain coating aids in fast and even heat distribution. The top of this broiler pan features venting slits that facilitate ventilation. As a consequence, it boosts the efficiency of broiling. The General Electric WB48X10056 Kitchen Stuff comes with an ergonomic rack, which holds meat or other food above the pan and separates excess fats from meals.

The broiler pan comes in the perfect size, for that it fits in all ovens. Lastly, the broiler pan is dishwasher-safe that offers you to save a pretty decent amount of cleaning detergent. And with that it also saves your time and effort for cleaning the pan. Overall, General Electric WB48X10056 has all the features and can be your go-to kitchen appliance.

Key Features

Industrial-grade steel
Porcelain nonstick coating
Venting slits
One broiler rack
Dishwasher safe

6. Norpro 273 Broil Pan Set 12 inches

Best Broiler Pan

The Norpro 273 broiler pan set stands out from the rest broiler pans thanks to its fantastic features. This pan set can handle all the tasks regarding broiling. The broiler set contains one broiler pan and one roast pan. That means you can use this set for both broiling and roasting food.

Both pans are made out of stainless steel for excellent strength and ultimate durability. Their measurements are 12.5 x 1.5 x 9 inches, which is ideal for most standard ovens. Along with the convenient size, this pan set features a sleek design. As a result, they shine from a distance and don’t lose it even after regular use for an extended period.

The core feature of this broiler set is one of the pans has perforations. This feature allows grease to drip easily to the other pan and lets users experience oil-free cooking.

Thus, this broiler set becomes suitable for the rib, boneless chicken, shellfish, and other foods that tend to come with additional fats. Like the other standard broiler pans, the Norpro 273 broiler pan set is also dishwasher safe. In conclusion, it is perfect for an individual or two-person servings.

Key Features

Stainless steel body
12.5 x 1.5 x 9 inch dimension
Sleek design
Perforation system
Dishwasher safe

7. G & S Metal Products HG57 Toaster Oven Bake Set

G & S Metal Products

The G & S HG57 is a combo of two pieces of kitchen equipment. It comes with one bake and roast pan and one broiler pan. Both contain high-quality features, and so, these utensils are considered as the best broiler pan of present times. Let’s check out what they got.

The broiler pan and baking pan are crafted from heavy-duty steel. They also feature aluminum. As a result, these pans become highly durable and relatively good. They can dissipate heat throughout the pan surface evenly. That means you don’t have to worry anymore about burnt edges.

Also, the G & S HG57 pans feature nonstick layers of exclusive DuraGlide Plus. This coating eliminates the need for cooking spray and lets you cook healthily. Another advantage that the coating provides is it allows you to clean these pans easily.

The most significant feature of the set is that if you use cooking-oil, it can separate excess oil from the broil pan. You can benefit from this excellent feature when you place the baking pan on the top of the broiler pan and start baking or roasting meat. When you start cooking on the baking pan, excess oil drips down to the bottom through the pan’s holes. Lastly, this high-quality broiler pan set has a compact dimension of 6.5 x 1.75 x 8.5 inches. Thus, each pan fits in most microwaves and ovens.

Key Features

6.5 x 1.75 x 8.5 inch dimension
DuraGlide Plus coating
Ergonomic handles
On baking pan
Oil-dripping holes

8. Wilton Non-stick Broiler Pan Set

Wilton Non-stick

The Wilton Broiler Pan Set can help you efficiently broil delicious foods. The pan set comes in the premium quality and has excellent design. It is designed with pan edges and safe handles that let you pick up food comfortably. The pan set also has another advantage in design thanks to its matte finish.

It aids in distributing heat across the surface of the pan evenly. Apart from that, it gives the pan a fancy outlook. The Wilton Non-stick Broiler pan Set features a rack that contains holes and wavy. This feature allows fats and grease drip easily. Besides, these holes help release gas and steam.

As a result, food can achieve faster ripening and brittle. This pan set comes in 11 x 7 inches in size, so it fits almost any oven. After placing meat, poultry, fishery, you can put the pan in the oven. The broiler pan set is safe to dishwashers, and its nonstick properties also pave the way for easy cleaning. In a nutshell, it is an ideal kitchen appliance that you may use for broiling your favorite dishes.

Key Features

Stainless steel structure
Safe handles
11 x 7-inch dimension
Holes and wavy
Nonstick coating

9. Nordic Ware Nonstick Broiler Pan Set

Best Broiler Pan

The Nordic Ware Nonstick Broiler Pan Set has made its place on the best broiler pan list for its superior quality features. It is classic-style cookware that makes broiling fish, meat, and veggies easier. Let’s check out what features set this apart from other broiler pans.

The Nordic Ware pan is specially manufactured with tri-ply metallic construction. It features a carbon steel core, and with that, it includes two layers of aluminum. For that, this broiler pan set assures quick and even heating. The pan set comes with a nonstick coating that allows for easy use and cleanup. For added convenience, this pan set is safe for the dishwasher.

The Nordic Ware Nonstick Broiler Pan Set features a slotted rack that drains fats from foods into the pan. Besides facilitating diversity in your cooking options, it makes meals more healthful. Again, it comes with side handles, which are convenient to use. The broiler pan set has the dimensions of 15 by 10- by 1 inch that means you get a medium cooking surface area. Overall, this size is suitable to fit in all types of ovens.

Key Features

Tri-ply metallic structure
Carbon steel core
Slotted rack
Side handles
Dishwasher safe

10. Frigidaire 5304442087 Broiler Pan

Best Broiler Pan

The Frigidaire 5304442087 Broiler Pan is praised for its high-quality features. In terms of utility and features, it won’t disappoint users. So, let’s take a look at what functionalities it provides. It features a porcelain layer, which is, in essence, a nonstick surface.

Thus, it ensures even heat distribution and allows hassle-free cooking. Plus, it aids in cleaning the pan easily. The Frigidaire 5304442087 Pan Set contains two pieces of cooking equipment. One is the top tray, and another is the scrapper. Each of them has a convenient size to hold medium-sized meat.

Their measurements are 14 by 11 inches. You can use these kitchen appliances to cook a good deal of dishes. You can cook meat, veggies, chicken, or other foods that you want. In summary, it is perfect and can help you prepare all your favorite meals and desserts.

Key Features

Porcelain coating
One tray
One scrapper
14 x 11-inch dimension
Dripping holes

Buying Guide

Most people want to purchase the best broiler pan according to their budget. But they couldn’t find their desired one as they make some mistakes while searching. Like the other products, the rule for buying it is the same, which means we need to inspect every key feature of the broiler pan before opting for it. And most of us don’t pay attention to this fact and end up selecting a faulty broiler pan. So, in this buying guide, we will focus on how to choose the right pan and what to look before deciding. Let’s begin.


The structure is a crucial feature that we should check before purchasing one broiler pan. We need to check the materials used in the pan as it determines the strength and durability of the stuff. By monitoring this feature, we can assure you that we can cook healthy meals efficiently.

As you know, if you purchase a pan that features a cheap nonstick surface, then it will be challenging for any chefs to bring the best quality in the dishes. That’s why checking the materials of the pan should be our priority before choosing.


The next feature that we need to inspect is the size of the pan. Generally, broiler pans come in various sizes; if you tend to cook for a large group of people, you should go with a larger pan. Otherwise, a small-sized pan will do the job.

Then, we should check the cooking surface as it plays a crucial role in broiling food perfectly. Besides, what types of food you will cook depends largely on the pan’s cooking surface area. In short, we need to pay close attention to the pan’s size besides checking other features.


Cleaning and maintaining a broiler pan has always been a hassle for every cook. As it is a tedious job, everybody tends to avoid it. That’s why broiler-pan manufacturers come with features like dishwasher-safe. So, make sure your pan offers this excellent feature.

If it does, it will save the time that you spend in the kitchen cleaning pans. But the drawback of the feature is that it can impact on the longevity of the pan. Thus, experts always recommend users to wash pans with hands.


What Can I Use Instead of a Broiler Pan?

If you don’t have a broiler pan, you can use a roasting pan, baking pan, cast-iron skillets, and even aluminum baking trays. But none of these can provide you with the same result as the broiler pan.

What Are the Benefits of a Broiler Pan?

Cooking with a broiler pan has a lot of advantages. Firstly, it saves a lot of time that you need for cooking. Secondly, it helps you cook healthy meals. Thirdly, it allows heat to distribute evenly and lets you achieve the best cooking result.

What Kinds of Food Can I Cook Using a Broiler Pan?

Most people think that we can use the broiler pan for cooking meat only, which is wrong. We can use this pan for cooking a variety of foods, including poultry, seafood, veggies, fruits, etc.

Which is Better Aluminum or Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel can resist high heat compared to aluminum. On the contrary, aluminum can conduct heat better than stainless steel. Both materials have advantages and disadvantages. Thus, you need to choose one type considering your needs.


Consuming healthy food is of utmost importance. That’s why most health-conscious chefs try to cook food using utensils that are safe for our health. When it is about a reliable kitchen appliance, the broiler pan remains one step ahead of other kitchen stuff. It brings safety to the fore because it drains fat out of food and provides us healthy as well as delicious meals.

That means these pans are suitable for healthy cooking. But all broiler pans don’t offer users such benefits as most of these appliances come with less promising features. That’s why experts always use the best broiler pan, and they recommend others to do so. And you should also follow the guideline to get the best pan and continue cooking healthy meals. We hope that this article seems to you informative, and it can help you select your desired kitchen utensil.

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